Tuesday, December 1, 2015

It Started in Texas by M.B. Feeney

Charlotte Evans is on the road trip of her life to see her favorite group Pocket Full of Lyrics. She leaves the UK to meet some friends in Texas and nothing prepares her for the events that are about to unfold as she unexpectedly meets the lead singer Gage Weston.

Something about Charlotte attracts Gage to her and he is not about to let her go, even as she returns to her children and common law spouse. But she realizes that maybe she is attracted to more than just the famous Gage.

As the two begin a long distance relationship they are faced with so many problems and really need to figure out what it is they are both after and if their love is strong enough to survive the distance and insecurities.

I really loved that Charlotte was a normal person with insecurities and children. I think having children threw the book in a whole different direction as she had so much more to consider than just herself. I enjoyed the relationship between Charlotte and her ex, Dermot, showing that not all splits are nasty and that it is possible to work together for your children. I also really enjoyed the relationships between Charlotte and her friends. They all had such fun together and I really felt like I was there bantering along with them.

The relationship between Charlotte and Gage showed so many fears that women face and so much self-doubt that many of us face everyday. Charlotte never thought she was good enough for Gage and he really worked hard at showing her how much he cared about her, no matter how famous he was. They faced many issues and really had to figure out what they both needed and I liked how they were able to go through and resolve things at times. 

Such a great book and I can't wait to read more!!

4 Stars!

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