Saturday, December 12, 2015

My review of Complicated Christmas by Nikki Lynn Barrett

Caitlin Aimes was once a figure skater but has since come back to the town where her brother lives and has stayed to herself and a close group of friends. She has secrets that she holds very close and runs the skating rink, which isn't open all the time.

Ron Mercer is the father of Jonathan, 19 and Kate, 12 and is a widow who is having trouble moving on. Yet he begins a casual relationship with Caitlin based on two things - sex and keeping their relationship hidden from everyone around them.

Yet, secrets aren't kept well and soon there is something in the water around town that leaves many people's lives about to change.

This was a great book in dealing with so many different family issues and keeping it all together when you really don't think you can anymore. It's also about letting people in who care about you and letting them know your secrets so they can help you through them. It's also about learning to let go of the past and that it's ok to move past all the hurt you've had whether from past relationships or the loss of someone. No one can know but you when you are ready to move on but you can't feel guilty for moving on as someone you love would never want you to be lonely.

4.5 Stars!

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