Monday, December 28, 2015

My review of Through Love and Hate by Jennifer Felton

Megan Williamson's best friend Anya Spanzer has terminal cancer and there's isn't much time left for her.  Megan would do anything to save Anya's life so that the she can watch her daughter grow up. It turns out the someone is willing to help Megan make that choice and allows Megan to make a deal.

But life isn't that simple and suddenly Megan finds herself extremely attracted to Dr.Jeremiah Carson and the feeling is mutual. Suddenly this deal doesn't seem like a good one after all.

 I really liked Megan's determination to protect Anya so that she can have a life with her family, where as Megan doesn't feel like her life is worth as much. That being said it is somewhat sad that Megan feels her life is worth less.

Dr.Carson was a bit of an enigma for me in that part of me wanted to like him and the other part hated him. Which ultimately means a great character creation from the author.

I found in this book I liked Maya less than I did in Through Life & Death, but again I believe that the author did this intentionally. I look forward to more books in this series!

4 Stars

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