Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My review of Miss Demeanor Suspense Series

P.I. I Love You by Joanne Jaytanie

River Nightingale has had it with being a police officer in her small town of Bear Creek when she is once again overlooked for a promotion. She and 3 of her friends in similar situations decide to open a business in Seattle called Miss Demeanor Private Detective Agency.

River's first job is to look into the deaths of the parents of Blake Baxter as he believes their deaths were not accidental.

Homicide Detective Gage Hamlin is not used to having his cases reopened but River may be onto something.

Will River and Gage be able to work together to solve the truth or will the lack of trust between the two prevent them from working together?

This was a great book that hopefully be a series! I loved the relationship between River and Gage and that even though it was a short story it didn't feel rushed or pushed along. I loved that all the girls supported each other even though there was limited interaction between them all, they were always there when needed.

5 Stars

Bare by Angela Ford

This book is part of the Miss Demeanor PI series and so far I am loving this series! It is fun to see women taking charge of their lives after being unsatisfied with the lack of promotions they are given working in various police forces.

This book centers on Shay Brooks, who was a police officer in the small town of Connell with no chance of being promoted. Shay is asked by Renee Mills to try and save her daughter, Beth, who has begun working at BARE - Business Associates Reserved Establishment. Renee believes that Beth is dating Rick, the owner, who has got her hooked on drugs and stripping at his club.

Yet, when Shay is hired to work in the club she doesn't see what Renee does but knows that something big is definitely going on. Then there is her attraction to the bartender, Dante Pierce, who may have secrets of his won.

This book really kept me on my toes with what was going to happen next as I was honestly surprised at how things were going and what was happening! I loved how everything tied together and was definitely engaged through the whole read!

Such a great series so far and I can't wait to read the next two!

5 Stars

Choreographed Crime by Jackie Marilla

This is the third book in the Miss Demeanor Suspense Series and I am really enjoying to get to know the women in this detective series.

Maile Kuhiwinui is having trouble settling into Seattle after just moving from Hawaii. She finds she is homesick and is trouble finding cases but all of that is just about to change.

Maile finds herself no longer missing Hawaiian food after finding a food truck run by Hawaiian Kalama Haleamau. Then she gets herself a case involving the supposed suicide of ballet dancer Floriano Garcia.

As Maile investigates more she finds her own personal life with Kalama being intertwined into the case and she realizes she may need to ask the girls for some help. Will Maile find the truth about Floriano's death before her own life is on the line?

I really enjoyed this story as it touched on the trouble Maile was having settling into Seattle and that moves are not always easy. This book really made Maile easy to relate to and you really want her to succeed with her case and her personal life!

Great story and such a great series!

4 Stars

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