Thursday, December 3, 2015

My review of Winning It All by Michele Shriver

I am loving this series and a look into the new San Antonio Generals NHL expansion team! Each book brings in a new main character but still including all of the characters from the previous books that we have fallen in love with!

Trevor Collison is fresh out of rehab and has signed a one year contract and is one mistake out of the league. He is trying to turn his life around and has joined his teammates in visiting the San Antonio Children's Hospital where he meets a special girl, Kaylen. Then he sees her mom, Danielle Greer whom he dated last time he was in San Antonio. Will Dani allow herself to get close to Trevor again or is the past too risky to go back to?

I loved the character of Trevor as he is really trying to turn his life around and make something of his life. I liked how he truly knew what was important to him, no matter what the risk. He grew up so much and when he needed help from those around him, he never hesitated to ask for help.

I understood Danielle and the choices she made, as she was truly doing what she thought was best, even if it is something I never agreed with. She was at her wits end and did everything she could possibly to do with Kaylen and really worked hard and was struggling financially.

I can't wait for the next book in the series and I hope Michele is able to do the whole team!

5 Stars

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