Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My review of Liberty by Kim Iverson Headlee

Rhyddes is sold by her father Rudd into slavery as a way to pay off his taxes. She is then auctioned off and bought by Jamal and becomes a gladiatrix, fighting for her life. Yet as she is renamed Libertas she becomes a symbol to many which puts her life in danger.

Marcus Calpurnius Aquila is a man betrothed to Messiena, an arrangement organized by his father as a political move. Yet, the moment he sees Rhyddes he is taken by her, although there is no possible way for them to be together.

As many lives become intertwined and it becomes apparent that more then Rhyddes's life is in danger alliances and love may come into play but will true love survive when all the odds are stacked against them?

I enjoyed this book but I found it a little slow at times but it definitely picked up and I enjoyed it. I think the book turned out the way I thought it would.

I really enjoyed the development of the relationship between Rhyddes and Jamal. It was good to see how they evolved into truly caring about each other and the regrets that Jamal had in things he had done in his past.

I really liked the idea of the female gladiatrix and can only imagine what she had to go through at that time. Yet she never gave up on herself and did what she could to survive for her family.

I think the book shows what one is willing to give up for true love if that's what it takes to be with the one you love.

3.5 Stars

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  1. Thank you for your thoughtful review of LIBERTY!
    All my warmest holiday wishes,
    Kim Headlee
    Stories make us greater.