Sunday, January 24, 2016

Slow Cooker Chicken Teriyaki

Sometimes it is so difficult cooking for children. Well, maybe just my kids, specifically my daughter. Her brother and I both enjoy sushi so lately when we have gone out for sushi I have bought my daughter Chicken Teriyaki with rice. So I decided to give it a try at home and use the slow cooker as some days I am limited with time in making a good meal.

The slow cooker is so easy to use and means I have no work to do so I love using it and wonder why I don't use it more. Although I often find that the recipes seem to be almost all the same so I get bored with it. But I am really going to try using it more.

I used my large slow cooker for the chicken as I had three very large chicken breasts and that way they could all cook beside one another. I think the only small problem was that not all the chicken was submerged under the sauce so a couple corners dried out a bit too much for all of our liking. My son said that it was too strong of a soy sauce flavour. I think next time I would perhaps add in either some water or some actual teriyaki sauce to take some of the bite away of the soy sauce. I did agree that it was a bit too strong of a flavour and didn't have that authentic teriyaki taste with it.

I served it with brown rice and the kids were definitely more excited about the rice than the chicken. I will definitely try finding a recipe for Chicken Teriyaki that they both love! This one definitely has possibilities to be altered a little!

The recipe can be found at:

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