Thursday, January 28, 2016

My review of Aurora's Song by Cherime MacFarlane

Algen has just returned to Alaska after spending many years in Washington. At night her voice seems to bring the lights of the Aurora Borealis close to her, yet there is still much mystery behind how she can do it or if it is all in her imagination.

New in town, Gunrik Agardson is attracted immediately to Algen but he has a hidden agenda with researching the lights. Gunrik must work together with the local 'Grannies' in town to help Algen.

This book is full of mysteries surrounding the Aurora Borealis and the relationship between a girl, the spirits and the lights. I found initially I had a hard time warming up to Algen as she seems to be closed off to most of the people around her. I wasn't sure what angle Gunrik was coming from but I did end up really liking him when I saw how much he cared!

I loved the inside look into Alaskan myths and look forward to learning more!

3 Stars

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