Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My review of Speaking Greek by Selena Laurence

I really loved this book and thought the author did an amazing job with the characters and the development through the book.

If Tess Richardson believes in anything it is following the rules. Her father is a DA, her brother is FBI and her mom used to be a police officer. Yet, when she meets Niko Stephanos, she finds her own personal rules may be in need of a little breaking. Especially when it comes to the chance of a possible office romance with her boss.

Niko Stephanos seems to have his life all planned out for him, by others, and he doesn't question much with the family business that he is poised to take over. Yet he gets the feeling that things aren't as they should be.

How much will Tess and Niko risk for the other one or will blood always come first?

I love Tess and everything she stands for yet I was definitely happy when she gravitated towards Niko and let her guard down with him. He definitely brought out so much goodness in her, yet she had an amazing sass to her that was very refreshing and fun.

Niko seemed to be torn between what he wanted to do in life and what he was expected to do. He had everything in life that he could have wanted, yet he really wanted a true love and not someone after his money. But his tie to his family was so strong, especially to his cousin Christos.

I loved the mystery and a few things the author threw at me that I wasn't expecting! This was a great book and I look forward to many more from the author!

5 Stars

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