Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My review of Just Realized by Lucy Gage

OMG - I just found my new book boyfriend!

Sgt Owen Nichols has just come home from the war for one week of vacation and is spending time with his best friend Neil Murphy and his girlfriend Meghan. Meghan and Neil introduce Owen to Meghan's cousin Nina Jacobs and both are very attracted to the other. But both have their guard up over what could be a "relationship" after being hurt in the past and with Owen only in town for a week, maybe they are meant to only be friends. Yet, their friendship grows and as Nina ponders a relationship with someone else, will the two be able to sort out their feelings before it is too late?

This book is so incredible and so emotional at parts that I just wanted to cry. I have been reading the whole series and I always loved Nina and felt so bad at what she went through in the past with Liam. This book really examines Nina's past and you completely learn about her on a different level and really understand that she deserves so much happiness.

Sgt Owen Nichols is a complete dream in so many ways. He really treats Nina like a princess and wants her to be happy. Their friendship is amazing and he cares about her so much and it is so frustrating when she moves towards Noah. I love his dedication to his friends and fellow soldiers and can't help think how amazing he is!

I absolutely love this family and all of the extensions that you meet through the series. Every book introduces you to new views on the different characters and the author truly has you feeling like you belong in this family and are apart of it!

I can't wait for the next book and am crossing my fingers that there is one!

5 Stars!

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