Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My review of Angela Ford's books!


Jessica Resario works for the FBI in the Internet Security Division, hunting down child predators. What she doesn't realize is that her current case is linked mysteriously to her past and she finds her own life in danger.

When Jessica left for college her parents were murdered in what was deemed a break and enter, but not a lot was stolen and their deaths remained unsolved. Now Jessica wants closure on the case. Can she get close enough to solving the mystery before anyone else gets hurt?

I really liked the character of Jessica, in that she was great at her job, yet not afraid of pushing the boundaries when she knew she could save a life. Yet she was shaken by someone knowing who she was with no reason why they should. I loved that she had secret feelings for Tom Erickson and how torn he was when it came to her.

Such a great mystery with an amazing team bond!! Their team dynamics were awesome and I loved getting to know the characters!

4 Stars


This is the second book and I think more intense than the first!

Jessica Resario is now been promoted to Special Supervisory Agent when after giving a presentation at a local school on child predators and the internet, she and Special Agent Mike Turner are approached by Richard Bennett about his daughter Tiffany. Jessica agrees to look into more and she is sure that Tiffany is in over her head.

Desperate to help Tiffany, Jessica puts her own career on the line. The problem is that it's not only her career that she is in danger of losing. Will Jessica be able to save Tiffany, herself and the members of her team before it's too late and the past comes back with a vengeance.

Wow - there were definitely some things in this book that I never saw coming! Jessica is still a super strong character who seems to think more with her heart on occasion, over her head and duty. The team bond is still so strong in this book and it is truly wonderful to see how they all come together and protect each other.

I also really enjoyed the developing relationship between Tom, Nicole, Amanda and Jessica. I loved that they all made such a great effort to get along and it seemed really strong. I say developing as it was said in the book that previously Tom wasn't the best father but it showed how his new position was allowing him to be there for Amanda.

Can't wait for the next one!

5 Stars


This is the third book in the series and I really don't think it will be the last!

Jessica Resario has left the FBI to make a family with Tom and their "family". The problem is that the past keeps coming back and now the job is left to Supervisory Special Agent Mike Turner and his team to find out who is after Jessica now.

But, as they get closer it looks like this one becomes personal for Mike and maybe they aren't finished with the case after all.

When I finished the book I know there has to be more coming as I really hope the author hasn't left us hanging and I still think Mike is in some danger!

Poor Jessica and Tom and how crazy people just seem to find them and inflict themselves on them. All they are trying to do is move on with their lives but the past keeps on coming back. I was totally surprised on who was involved but I know there are still some major secrets out there and I am eagerly waiting for the next book to be written!!

4 Stars

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