Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My review of Warrior Wolves by Krystal Shannon

I really enjoyed this book although it is the first book in the series that I have read. The writer filled me in with enough information that I didn't feel like I was missing a lot of information. That being said I really want to go back and start this series from the beginning as I really enjoyed this book.

Charlotte "Charlie" Mason is the alpha after her parents were killed but her uncle Victor wants the job and is trying to come to an agreement with their enemy Xerxes, behind Charlie's back. Charlie must rely on her two new mates, brothers Garrett and Travis for their support.

Xerxes is becoming more powerful and is working on a secret formula that will make him even more powerful but he needs to start eliminating his enemies.

Things are heating up and becoming more dangerous for everyone involved and the pack's whole future is at stake.

I really enjoyed this book and I think had I started this series right from the beginning I probably would have given it a 5. I really enjoyed the character of Charlie and how she worked so hard at putting her pack first and really wanted what was best for them, while being undermined the whole time. The bond she had with Travis and Garrett was strong and they all really bonded well together. I really enjoyed the brothers and the amount of love and protection they gave Charlie.

I am interested in more of Xerxes story as I think that is where I felt like I was missing some although I do feel like he is super mad at the world and given what I know about him I do understand why.

Looking super forward to reading more in this series!

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