Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My reviews of the Moonbound Series by Krystal Shannan and Camryn Rhys

The Werewolf Cowboy 

Allan VonBrandt is the sheriff in Somewhere, Texas and tries to live his life protecting the humans in town. Yet, he lives a secretive life as he is a werewolf, but the people in town are unaware. Allan wants to live his life as a human and tries to keep his wolf in as much as possible.

Then he meets Reyna Dubois, who is positive that Allan is her mate. But the problem is that Allan doesn't want a wolf as a mate, he wants a human and he does everything he can to push Reyna away.

Will Reyna be able to change Allan's mind or is he determined to reject his wolf? And when one of the packs finds a lone wolf, Elise in New Orleans will they be able to solve her mysterious past?

I really enjoyed this book! I love the protective nature of Allan and how he wants to live among the humans, yet still has duties to his pack. But he is so attracted to Reyna that he is torn between his two lives. I found that very believable and made me understand him so much better.

I loved Reyna and her determination not to give up on Allan. She was a flirt and lots of fun but was trying to be everything that Allan wanted - housewife, etc. It made me laugh for the lengths she went to in order to impress him.

This is starting off to be a great series and I can't wait to see what happens next!

4 Stars

The Werewolf Bodyguard 

Aria LaBlanc is in Las Vegas for a werewolf Summit Meeting to figure out where the mysterious werewolf Elise came from. There she meets Marco DiSanti, the chef at Amare who is another werewolf who belongs to no pack either.

As Aria and Marco begin to get closer, they need to learn more about his past and if there are other werewolves out there besides him and Elise. Will Marco's mom, Mary Foster, let them in on their past and will they be able to solve what is happening?

In this book the mystery is definitely heating up! I liked Aria and how she finally understood what Reyna had gone through with Allan. I feel super bad for Marco and the fact that he was on his own for so long due to the warnings him mom gave him, yet he could have had protection. Aria and Marco definitely had a very strong connection and can't wait to see where this goes!

The mystery surrounding Elise and Marco is definitely getting more interesting and I am loving learning more about their pasts and can't wait to see where it leads!

5 Stars

The Werewolf Ranger

Ranier "Rain" Dubois is an enforcer for his uncle, Francis Dubois's New Orleans pack and has been called in to help find a brothel in Mexico with enforcers from other packs. Included in that mix is Nora Cavanaugh who is trying to escape from her father's control. Unfortunatelty their attraction for each other is huge and they give in to their desires for a night of passion.

As the group heads to Mexico their relationship puts strain on the pack and each other. Will the group be able to put aside their differences and find what they are looking for or will the tension between Rain and Nora break the group apart?

Wow - so much tension in this book!! The relationship between Rain and Nora is intense with so much pressure on them. I felt so bad for Nora and how controlled her life was from her father and how scared she was of him. Rain is torn between giving into his desires and just escaping back to his past as a Ranger.

The mystery in Mexico is getting more intense and I can't wait to see what happens in the next book!!

5 Stars

Chasing a Wolf

Thomas Rivera is the Vegas pack enforcer and is headed to a mountain region of Mexico on the trail of Adrian. What he doesn't expect is a secluded society that has kept themselves apart from everyone else, and therefore has no modern technology. Yet there he meets the mysterious Citlani, whom he is instantly attracted to, yet she has a hidden agenda of her own.

This book is different from the others with the introduction of Cetlani who has never come across cars, etc. and keeping her far away seems to have kept her hidden and safe. It's funny how much Cetlani was able to get to Thomas emotionally, with how much he came down on Rain in the previous book. This book was also much darker as we got closer to Adrian and can see what he is capable of. The end of the book definitely broke my heart a little though.

I also loved how the group came together when needed, and even though Maggie was shocked at Thomas they all were still able to work together to try and find Adrian. I hope Maggie gets her happiness soon as she really deserves it!

This series has definitely got me hooked and I can't wait for the next book!!

5 Stars

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