Friday, January 8, 2016

My review of Suffer a Witch by Claudia Hall Christian

Emogene "Em" Peres is an immortal witch and the owner of Mystic Devine, a shop that many of her fellow witches work at. She was hanged at the Salem Witch Trials and mysteriously awoke, and brought others back to life with her.

Yet now over 300 years later, questions are being asked once again about their existence and similarities to those hanged back then. And now Em and the other witches face their greatest challenge when they are faced with a demon and Em must discover what it wants and how she can protect the others.

I enjoyed this book and the author definitely did her research into the Salem Witch Trials. That being said at times I thought the book was dragging a little and slow moving. There were a couple of times when I had to go back and recheck what I read to make sure I didn't miss anything as something would happen and I wasn't sure why.

The book was definitely enjoyable and I liked reading about the other witches and the relationships they all had with each other and how they all managed to survive as a unit through the 300 plus years that they have been "alive". I definitely learned a lot about the trials and I will definitely read the author again.

3.5 Stars


  1. Thanks so much for taking your time to honestly review the book!

  2. I loved this book! Well, I love all of Claudia's books! Thanks for sharing your review!