Monday, January 25, 2016

My review of Taking Me Home by Stephanie Summers

Such a heartbreaking conclusion to Take Me On that kept me wondering what was going to happen with Ash and Lila.

Ash London is finally content with his life and girlfriend Lila Stephens. Then he is forced back on the road to tour with Ferrium, his band, and one night a decision puts everything at risk. As he begins to spiral down a very dark path, will he open up and tell Lila the truth or will he keep it from her.

When the truth is finally revealed will Lila continue to stick by Ash or will the continual lies and secrets push her away? Will her love be enough to save him?

Wow - this book deals with so much emotion, heartbreak and frustration. I was so frustrated at Ash for almost the entire book as he was willing to risk everything he had and lose it all. Yet, in order to get better he had to which must be so hard for anyone knowing someone going through this. Lila was there for him all she could be, but she had to draw the line somewhere and she really put up with a lot.

The love the two had was so intense through the whole book but Lila knew that it wasn't going to work while Ash denied his issues. She had enough to recover from herself, never mind dealing wiht his problems as well.

This was an incredible book but so hard on the heart! I truly loved this series and I can't wait to read more from this author!

5 Stars

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