Wednesday, May 30, 2018

My review of Professor's Kiss by Sienna Blake

Ailis Kavanagh was 15 years old battling leukemia when she met Danny O'Donaghue and the two became extremely close. But then in an instant everything changed and he broke her heart and then began to torment her anytime he was around her.

Danny O'Donaghue is a rock god who has decided to go more of an indie route and is struggling with writing songs when he is asked by Rickie Craven for help teaching a class on Advanced Performance and Arrangement.

When Ailis realizes that Danny is teaching one of her classes she wants to withdrawal knowing her heart can't take another beating from him. But will Danny let her go and will the two be able to figure out the past in order to get along in the future?

Wow - this book is incredible and leaves your heart battered and wanting to kill a certain rock god.

I loved Ailis right form the beginning and it was obvious how much she had already gone through with cancer and then to see how Danny began to treat her was just awful. My heart broke into a million pieces, especially when he pushed her into the mud. I was so happy when she got accepted for the scholarship as she had so much talent yet she was so quiet about it and subdued as she didn't seem to have the faith in herself.

So I knew that Danny had to be dealing with some grief but I was absolutely horrified how he treated Ailis when they were in high school and then how he continued to treat her at Dublin College. He was so unprofessional and you knew he wanted her to quit as he did not want to deal with how he felt.

Ailis constantly stood by Danny and yet he would push her away and then apologize to her. I knew something would eventually happen between the two as she had never gotten over him. The two had amazing chemistry but then Danny starting being such a jerk again and Ailis had her heart shattered again.

I was mad at Danny for criticizing Ailis's plans for after school as she didn't do what he wanted. I was glad that Danny realized everything and came to terms with what he needed to change.

The end was so good and it allowed my heart to finally heal!!

5 Stars

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