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My review of Free At Last Box Set

1) A Fighting Chance

Mackenzie Hall is 25 and a therapist at a local gym for abused women. A year ago she entered into a relationship with Carter Tilman, 43, the head of Tilman Financial Group and she has just recently moved in with him.

When a visit from his sons, Hunter, 19, and Carey, 15 surprises the couple they are shocked when the boys announce they went to stay. But the boys resentment for Mackenzie is apparent and she becomes a person she herself doesn't recognize - afraid to rock the boat.

When Carter begins to travel for work more and more the pressure is on Mackenzie but she also finds herself attracted to Hunter, who takes every chance he can to make crude gestures and remarks to Mackenzie.

Will Mackenzie be able to handle the pressure of everything around her or will everything fall apart?

I really enjoyed this book and it turned out totally different than I thought it would.

I loved Mackenzie from start to finish. When we got a glimpse of her past I was shocked at what she overcame and how she truly evolved into a strong woman who deserved every good thing that came her way. I felt so bad that there was so much pressure on her in regards to Carter's sons and he was never there supporting her and realizing how difficult things were for her with them.

So I definitely had mixed feelings with Carter. I liked him at the start and then my opinion definitely went downhill through the book. I was super mad that he just left Mackenzie and went off to work and was never there for her and his sons. Obviously his sons had gone through hell with their mom, Lauren, and the boys needed their dad and he wasn't there. I was super mad at the very end at him with what he did to Lauren first and then Hunter. I was just shocked and really disappointed.

I hated Hunter at the beginning but at the same time I could understand that he was hurting from what happened with his mom and then to go to his dad's and find her there would have been hurtful. He was also a very good looking kid who was super cocky and was ready to test all the boundaries that he could. Being around Mackenzie definitely made him change into a better guy and he truly fell in love with her. I liked that he was willing to follow his own dreams and I was blown away by what it cost him.

I liked the change in Carey from start to finish. He was such an angry boy at the beginning but with the support of Mackenzie he did a total change when he found someone that stuck up for him and cared about him.

I hope that we get more from these characters in another book as I think there is so much that was just left and I personally want more!!

2) A Losing Battle

This is the second book in the series and A Fighting Chance needs to be read first.

Mackenzie Hall is stuck in the middle of a very bad situation. As her relationship with Carter Tilman continues to deteriorate her feelings for his son, Hunter are on the rise. But Hunter as left her and his brother Carey to join the Marine Corp leaving her unsure of what her feelings really are.

Hunter Tilman has left home to join the Marine Corps and his relationship with his dad is over with his choice of careers. He is completely in love with Mackenzie and knows he can't be around her while she is still with his father. Yet he continues to support her, especially when he discovers her traumatic past.

When Hunter and Mackenzie give in to their feelings everything explodes around them and they both lose everything. Will Hunter give Mackenzie a chance to tell him the truth or will he continue to love her at a distance and ruining any chance for a happy ever after?

I both loved and hated this book at the same time!!

This book took me through a series of emotions and there are so many characters that I just want to smack to wake them up and make them realize that communication is the key to success!!

I love Mackenzie and the strength she has from everything that she went through as a child until now. I can't believe how much she is doing and still not truly giving up on Hunter even though she hasn't talked to him in years. I absolutely love her relationship with Carey and I am so glad that she has him to help her through everything.

I loved Hunter at the beginning of the book but he frustrated the living hell out of me by being a complete ass. I know something big is coming by the way this book ended and it frustrates me to no end as he doesn't have to be where he is if he listened to someone or for that matter anyone.

I was so happy when it looked like things were finally going to happen but then Hunter left so quick I was mad. He never gave Mackenzie even ten minutes before jumping to the worst conclusion. So mad!!

So I was also super mad at Shane and even Carey for not saying anything to Hunter while they had a chance. I know Shane didn't want to get involved yet especially with Hazel you'd think that saying something to Hunter really would have been the best thing for everyone involved.

So while I was super mad at a lot of the events in this book I loved the book at the same time for making me feel so much emotion and frustration as I was completely sucked into the book and I hate that I have to wait for the next book!!

3) A Saving Grace

This is the third book in the series and they need to be read in order.

Hunter Tilman has been flown to Germany after his armored vehicle was attacked while he was in Afghanistan and he was severely injured. Struggling with where his life is he makes a drastic choice that has large impications.

But Mackenzie Hall is not ready to give up on Hunter and wants to show him what he is giving up, even if it gets her in a large amount of trouble.

Can Hunter find the light through all the darkness and will Mackenzie and Carey finally be able to show Hunter the love that they have for him?

I have been waiting for this conclusion for a long time and I thought it was great.

I totally understood why Hunter was down but I hated that he pushed Mackenzie away in Germany when it was obvious that she had to care to fly that far to see him. Yet he had just gone through so much that it wasn't a surprise.

I absolutely loved Mackenzie and the strength that she had to know that she had to do whatever it took to make Hunter really understand everything that happened. I felt so bad for what happened to her at the hospital but what she sacrificed was truly for the best for Hunter.

Mackenzie and Hunter had a deep love for each other but Hunter had no clue about what really happened with Mackenzie and Carter. It broke my heart when Hunter began to read some of the emails that Mackenzie and Carey sent and I loved how Mackenzie documented everything for Hunter.

The ending was great and very well deserved!! I loved that Hunter finally understood everything that he missed and was ready to take life head on.

I would love to have a book for Carey now so we can see what happens when he gets to live his own life!!

5 Stars

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