Tuesday, May 8, 2018

My review of Bare by Sarah Robinson

Reed Scott is a popular actor whose agent, Jason Allen, says it is time to clean up his image with a new movie being filmed. He has made a few mistakes in his past, most notably losing the love of his life.

Teagan Reynolds is a former dancer turned choreographer who is luckily getting a second chance at life after a car accident nearly ended her life. She has no interest in love after getting left at the altar years ago to a man who put his career ahead of her.

When Reed and Teagan are brought together to work on a movie Teagan vows not to let Reed into her life again. But Reed vows he has changed and has never stopped loving her.

Will Teagan give Reed a second chance to break her heart again?

This was such a great book about second chances and living the life that you want and the dreams you are after.

Reed started off as a bit of a jerk because his image was all wrapped up in women and alcohol and he really needed to focus. It was no wonder after learning about a certain mistake he made in his past and how he ignored everything instead of dealing with it. I was definitely not impressed with that at all!

My heart just broke for Teagan and everything she went through in the past and I was shocked that she actually gave Reed any time at all but then she was a super good person so I did understand! She was such a great character and she really looked at things positively and I was glad she gave Reed a chance.

I was pretty mad at Jason Allen, the agent, a few times for what he did to both Teagan and Reed and how he seemed to put himself above what the two of them both needed.

I was totally shocked that Reed knew nothing about the accident which totally made me mad. How did none of his family and friends hear about it??

Towards the end I was both happy and sad for what Teagan had to grow through on her own with the move and everything.

I definitely saw the twist at the end coming and I thought it was so awesome!

Such a great series!

4 Stars

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