Sunday, May 27, 2018

Campfire Burgers

Generally when we got out I will order a chicken burger depending on where we are but at home I love to make beef burgers and I really enjoy the imaginative burgers that I find on pinterest. This burger was relatively simple yet a few key ingredients completely make it different and unique which I loved!

I would never have thought to add liquid smoke to the sauce or to the burger itself but it made both of these things so different and so good!

I let my daughter try the sauce first as I wasn't sure how she would take it but she really liked it and ate up the burger with no complaints. I did not add the onions to hers but I added them to mine and they were so good! I would never have thought to add Balsamic Vinegar to the onions.

I added a tex mex cheese to the burgers instead of regular cheddar as that was all I had so every so often you would get a little bit of kick but it was so good!

I highly recommend giving these shot as they were so good!

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