Sunday, February 26, 2017

Wing night!

My son absolutely loves chicken wings! But the problem is finding one that is healthy as his favorite is Pinty's wings.

Jasinda had a recipe in Big Girls Do It Running that I have made before and knew that I needed to make it again. These ones are full of flavour and I was lucky that the kids wanted to help make them this time. They have been doing awesome lately with helping cook dinner and I am so glad that they are contributing and seeing what is going into their meals!

These wings are are super saucy and so full of flavour. They include quite a few ingredients that I would never have guessed to put on wings - mayonnaise, Greek yogurt and molasses.

My kids aren't too keen on spice so I didn't put any hot sauce in them but I think a tiny bit would give them some extra flavour. They are still so delicious and I look forward to trying to make some of my own sometime soon based on this recipe!

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