Wednesday, February 8, 2017

My review of Murder in Vail by Judy Moore

Sally Braddock is a widow and worth billions of dollars. When her children and spouses come to her place in Vail, Colorado for Christmas things go from good to very bad within moments.

Her children have all inherited a trust fund worth $25 million dollars but all have managed to squander their fortunes. When Sally makes the statement that she is going to cut them all off someone takes matters into their own hands and in the morning they discover someone has been murdered.

With a snowstorm keeping them all together will they discover who the murderer is before they strike again?

I really enjoyed this book and for a portion of this book I was super mad at the author! I was definitely into the book and had suspicions but there were lots of suspects!

I really liked Sally and believe that her kids were just so entitled that they had no concept of real life and were definitely given too much money at an early age. Sally did her best but it was obvious that although her kids loved her they had no desire to give up the money they felt they deserved.

The children and their spouses were each suspicious given their financial situations. Each had a reason for not wanting to lose Sally's fortune giving each one a motive. I know I had some ideas but due to the twists and turns I was never really sure if I was right or not.

The author does an amazing job of keeping you in suspense and wondering what is happening next! This was the first time I have read this author and it definitely will not be my last!

4 Stars

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