Thursday, February 2, 2017

My review of Crown of Lies (Crown of Lies Duet, #1) by Pepper Winters

Noelle Charlston has been in the business world since she was 16 years old helping to run her father's company, Belle Elle. She is desperate to exprerience life and on her 19th borthday she heads out on her own. But life doesn't go as planned and she meets a mysterious man whom she dubs Nameless.

Three years later she has never forgotten him. As her father hopes she will get involved with Greg Robson she has no attraction and is trying to let him know they have no future together. Then her father meets Penn Everett whom he believes is the perfect match for Noelle. Could Penn be Nameless?

As Noelle tries to figure out what her draw to Penn is, she finds herself in over her head as she starts to figure out clues to her past. Yet it is clear that there are two men after her "heart" but maybe her heart is not what they are really after.

This is book one and the only downfall to this book will be waiting for book two to come out.

I felt pretty bad for Noelle as even though she has such a privileged life she is not actually able to love the life that she wants to. She was forced into the business world at such a young age and never got to live the life of a teenager. 

I felt so bad for Noelle when she couldn't find Nameless after everything he did to save her. I have no idea how money couldn't buy his identity.

I thought Penn Everett was a definitely a man with secrets and I hated how cocky he was with Noelle. I am very terrified of where and what his motives are with Noelle as I can see him using her and then discarding her after he has got what he wanted.

Greg Robson really wants Belle Elle and it'll be interesting to see how far he will go to get the company!

This book left me on the edge of my seat and I am anxiously waiting for book 2 to come out!!

5 Stars

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