Thursday, February 9, 2017

My review of Relentless River by Lindsay Cross

Sheriff Bo Lawson is a retired Marine Special Operations Operator where he was known as Ice - calm and collected under pressure. His small town doesn't have much going on until a dead body washes up and the man is connected to a very dangerous man.

Cheri Boudreaux is the manager of the local bar and has a small crush on the Sheriff who keeps giving her tickets for her driving. She lives with her cousin Lamont who protected her in the past from a dangerous situation and the two are super close. Yet as he gets involved with a married women Cheri shows her disapproval.

As Bo and Cheri are faced with their respective feelings for one another, Cheri's brother Frankie comes to town and soon it is clear that Cheri's own life is in danger. Can Bo keep her safe when all of a sudden his "ice" demeanor is tested by his heart?

This is another amazing book in the Men of Mercy series. I have loved Sheriff Bo Lawson for a long time now and I am so glad he has received his own book!

I loved Bo's struggle in this book with doing his job and protecting Cheri. There was one moment when he had a huge decision to make and I'm glad he chose the right way and I agree with his decision although he definitely beat himself up over it. He pushed Cheri away when he felt like he made some wrong decisions and it shows how much his heart came into play in this book.

Cheri was a little firecracker and I thought she was a great addition! I loved how much she detested Ginger and her relationship with Lamont. Cheri also didn't want to appear weak and even though to a certain extent she was in over her head at the bar she didn't want to let anyone down so she did her best but I wish she would have asked for some help! She really loved Lamont and I wasn't surprised at how far she went to protect him, even though it put her own life in danger. I was mad though that there was no more mention of Frankie as nothing was resolved there.

I really liked the end and how things came together!

I was hoping to get to see more of the other characters in this book  from the series besides Riser but I'm hoping that this means that the next book belongs to Riser.

5 Stars

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