Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My review of Naughty Novellas

This is a set of seven novellas ranging from BDSM to paranormal!

1) The Woodsman by Belle Scarlett

This is an adaption of Little Red Riding Hood. When Lady Lily Rouge is on her way to meet her future husband, the Marquis d'Evereux she meets a wolf who is in need of a virgin to erase the curse he is under.

This was an enjoyable story and I really liked the character of Sir Marrok Ulfang. I liked that he was willing to sacrifice everything for Lily to be happy.

2) Kahn's Haven by Nicole Austin

Anita Bennett is out hiking when she is injured and sees a black jaguar, in Colorado. Yet she soon finds herself drawn to the jaguar who is being hunted by two men. When she learns that the jaguar, Rakahnga, can shift will she be willing to do what it takes to stay with him?

I liked this story and how Anita had to trust the jaguar to help her even before she realized what it even was. I liked how Kahn was protecting Anita even though he put himself at risk by doing so. The ending was a little worrisome but I loved how everything turned out!

3) Anything You Want by Tina Donahue

Jamie Parker decides to do something totally differnt and heads to Wicked Desires Resort to have all of her "kinky" dreams come true. As she is on the curvy side she is used to being overlooked by men and is nervous about being there.

Creed Sanders and Tav Kearney are video game developers who are struggling on their next game when they meet Jamie whom they believe will solve all of their problems.

This was a fun read about having all of one's desires coming true and yet being nervous for it to become reality. This novella was hot and lots of action involving food!

4) Tropic of Pleasure by Tina Donahue

Cara Guzman works for Hudson Merrick and Ryder Dane and knows all about their involvement in the BDSM world. She asks for them to teach her but they are reluctant given that her dad's riches have helped start up their company.

Will Hudson and Ryder risk it all for Cara and what will she be willing to risk to convince them that this is what she wants?

Another good story about a beginner in the BDSM world. I loved how patient they were with her but at the same time really tested her to make sure that she was really ready for what was entailed!

5) The Property of Twin Dragons by Berengaria Brown

Lois McCubbin is the accountant at Optimized Design along with her best friend Bree. Lois is the accountant and knows something is wring with the books but can't figure out what it is. Her boss, Karl Mallory is a jerk who seems to be running the company into the ground.

Drake Kelekona is immediately attracted to Lois when he first meets her but he is unsure if she is involved in the problems with the money disappearing for Optimized Design. He is holding two secrets from her which he is unsure of how she will take the truth.

I really enjoyed this story and although you pretty much knew what was going to happen from the beginning of the book I liked reading how everything played out and the story kept me involved. Karl Mallory was such a jerk and I can't believe how he treated his employees!

6) Walpurgis Nights by Katherine Kingston

Fianna is a witch who must choose a man to sleep with on the night of a festival. She is approached by three local men but when she chooses an outsider, Henrik, her life just got a little riskier. As she gets to know Henrik, a Norseman, a little more she finds herself falling for him but doesn't want to hold him back from attaining his own dreams.

When Henrik needs Fianna's help will she go to him again or will it cause her to lose her place in her own village?

I really enjoyed this story and the romance between Fianna and Henrik. I loved how much Fianna was willing to give up by not holding Henrik back and even though she knew what the consequences would be for herself. Such a great story!

7) Edge of Passion by Kathy Kulig

Dana Brennan has come to Ireland from the US for a temporary job as a harp player at Rathmoor Castle. Soon she finds herself in over her head with Jack Murray, a local man involved in BDSM. Will Dana be able to get out of her comfort zone with Jack or is she having too much trouble trusting?

This was an interesting story and I was sure initially that Dana was in way over her head until I learned about why she was holding herself back and everything began to make sense. This was a good read and a look at triggers and the power of love.

3 Stars