Thursday, February 28, 2019

My review of Mr. Spencer by T.L. Swan

Lady Charlotte Prescott's life is closely guarded with the death of her mom and the weakness of her brother and father. She is a lawyer for the Philanthropic Society and wants to help people with less than her. When her brother, Edward, and father head to the US for business, Charlotte knows these 6 weeks can be the key to her freedom.

Spencer Jones is probably known as the biggest womanizer in all of England. He stays as far away from relationships as possible and there are pictures all over the media of him with various women, most no more than one time.

Yet there is something about Charlotte that catches Spencer's attention but is she too good for him? Is Charlotte willing to get her heart broken for a chance with England's most notorious bachelor?

This was such a great book filled with laughs and a few issues we can all relate to.

I loved Charlotte and my heart broke for what she went through being an almost prisoner in her home due to the thought of something happening to her by her brother and dad. She was so smart and educated and really want to experience life on her own terms and see how "others" lived. I definitely gave her credit for getting a job and seeing life from a different angle. 

Spencer was such a great character that was awesome to read about from start to finish. I loved his bad reputation and how he just never found a woman who could keep him interested, except for Sheridan. Surprisingly he did have certain morals which we saw when he was with Charlotte at the beginning.

The chemistry between Charlotte and Spencer was apparent right from the beginning but it wasn't easy for the two of them with some major obstacles in their way. The two had some pretty epic fights that you were never 100% sure who would come out on top.

Towards the end the twist was huge and there were so many implications and things that happened because of it. I was definitely shocked at who came to Spencer's defense and how everything panned out!

The very end was so good and I was very happy for how it all went down!

4 Stars

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