Saturday, April 28, 2018

My review of Tangled Ends by Taylor Dawn

Kat McCormick is a hacker who unknowingly works for human and drug trafficker Alastair Bordeaux. When she stumbles upon some secret information she knows that her life is in danger as there is someone out there who needs her dead.

Liam McDermott works for the DEA and arrests Kat but when they are shot at he knows he needs to protect her at all costs as she has information that could bring down an entire organization.

But Liam doesn’t expect to feel such an attraction to Kat and he finds himself crossing the boundaries of what is and isn’t professional. Will this put Kat in more danger and when they starting get closer to the truth will he be able to save her?

This is a great forbidden romance with a DEA agent falling for a “criminal” in his care.

I really liked Liam but I was surprised at how intense his relationship with Kat was so fast. It went from 0 to 100 so fast and then he found that he just could not stay away no matter how much it jeopardized his job. He kept trying to trust Kat but she kept trying to escape and I was frustrated that he kept believing in her when she was putting him in danger with her actions.

Kat was much harder to figure out in my opinion. In one sense I liked that she was a super smart woman but I hated that she was working for a human and drug trafficker and if she was that smart you would have thought she would have looked more into future employers. I understood why she decided to run once she figured out who else was involved but I was very disappointed she got involved with such a bad guy to begin with. I was also mad that she kept trying to escape as it never went well and she always ended up getting shot at and putting more people’s lives in danger.

The chemistry between the two was super hot but frustrating with Kat leaving all of the time.

I liked when things began to get revealed about Kat and who was all involved. Some of that totally surprised me and I was shocked that Kat was to be killed for what she knew.

I definitely was not expecting some of the twists with Kat and Liam! The end was good and shocking for what was revealed there too!

4 Stars

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