Thursday, April 26, 2018

My review of A Promise To Sadie by JJ Ellis

Michael Croft is an artistic teen who lives with the ghost of his deceased father, Ben, who died before he and his brother were born. His family worries about him and thinks he and Ben are very similar in their mannerisms.

Sadie Montgomery is Michael's best friend but when Michael moves away to Harper's Rock, Sadie is left behind with a jealous and possessive boyfriend named Pierce Covenant.

When Sadie needs to come to Harper's Rock, Michael's family takes her in and soon Michael and Sadie must face their feelings for one another. When Sadie and Michael must deal with another surprise they decide that the best way to do it is together.

But when tragedy strikes will Michael be able to hold it together?

I enjoyed this book but I really struggled with parts of it as it reminded me too much of the first book, Anguish. I think I was more frustrated and mad as it was not what I thought should happen and I felt a little cheated.

Michael lived with the ghost of his father and everything he represented and although Michael never met Ben, there were many similarities drawing the two together. With that came pressure and I found it somewhat confusing that Sadie believed Michael was gay even with the two being best friends.

When Sadie found herself in trouble she went to stay with Michael's family and the two were able to finally get everything out in the open and have some amazing conversations. The two cared so much about each other and I loved how they were there for each other through thick and thin. I loved how Michael stood up and completely did the right thing after Sadie figured out what she wanted to do.

So I was very mad when they came home from the cabin and everything that happened after that. I felt so cheated after the first book and I was shocked it was happening again. Michael was falling apart so much and I hated how his character was just losing it and was changing so much but it wasn't his fault but the circumstances.

I liked what JC and Trevor did at the end and they deserved it as they were truly ready for it whereas Michael was not.

I liked the story but certain parts just made me so upset as it was too similar to the first book and I was really wanting the HEA that I felt was deserved and not what happened.

4 Stars

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