Monday, April 16, 2018

My review of The Blood King by Liz Long

Reina Torres applied for the King's Education for Youth but did so without her mom's knowledge and when she is selected she is hoping for a better future but her mom is scared.

Soon she catches the eye of King Magnus Brighton and he decides that she would be the perfect match for his son, Holden. But Reina has feelings for someone else and when she begins to uncover some of the secrets that the King has will she be able to escape?

This was an interesting book that kind of reminded me of Hunger Games crossed with a paranormal element.

Reina was an interesting character who really did not take heed of her mom's warnings and effort to keep her safe. My heart truly broke for her mom as she knew how dangerous the city was and did not want to lose Reina. Reina wanted something better for herself and her mom and believed that the city was the place to do it.

There was so much mystery involved in the city but we gradually discover something sinister going on that soon Reina finds herself involved in. It really worried me about the tracker and how she seemed to forget about it when she was getting around. I liked the friendships that Reina formed with Iris, Fiona and Helena and they were all super important within the story.

The king was super mysterious and obviously had lived a long time with the number of wives he had gone through. It was interesting that he wanted Reina to marry Holden and I think he wanted to gain more popularity and security with that move.

There were some twists and turns and the ending really leaves you wondering if Reina and Helena can succeed!

3.5 Stars

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