Wednesday, April 19, 2017

My review of Words and Dreams by Laura Strickland

Dorthea Sinclair, 20, has just moved to Boston in 1871 from Maine with the goal of writing for a newspaper. She has been hired on by the Guardian but seems to be used more as an errand girl who is being hit on by Jeremy Winton, whose father Montgomery runs the newspaper.

Yet when Dorthea has a chance of interviewing Hare O'Hare, the infamous Irish rebel and leader of the Irish Labour force she wonders if her luck is about to change. Yet Dorthea has no idea how much her life is about to change and how her idea may be used against her and put her and Hare's life in more danger than they could have imagined.

This was a great story about a woman who really wants to achieve her dreams and is tired of being used and hit on and having to put up with it if she wants to keep her job. I hate how she was used by the Winton's through the book and they only accepted her proposals when they thought it could make them money.

Dorthea had a huge heart and wanted the real side of Hare to come out and for everyone to learn why they were upset with the unequal pay and other issues. Yet she found herself attracted to Hare and wanting to really help him with his cause but it ended up putting him in more harm.

Hare was fighting a noble cause and I was surprised as he wasn't even straight off the boat from Ireland. Yet his heart was in the right place and he wanted to fight from injustice and the Irish immigrants. He knew the moment he met Dorthea that he would do anything for her and wanted to protect her from everything that she may come up against.

I really liked this story with it talking about the social injustice that many immigrants and minority groups faced when trying to start over in a new country. The book discusses everything but not in a "preachy" manner.

I was totally surprised by the link between the pasts of Dorthea and Hare and I found it took a little away from the story as it was almost like they needed to stick some extra drama into the story.

4 Stars

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