Monday, April 17, 2017

My review of Behind the Bar by P.C. Zick

Susie Williams has been dating Reggie for years and is ready to move onto the next phase, especially once their friends Dean and Leah get married. Unfortunately that is the opposite of what Reggie wants and he ends their relationship.

As Susie tries to pick herself up and move on, friends from their pasts come back but do they have hidden agendas?

Will Reggie get himself out of the mess he has created for himself in time to figure out what he has lost? Will the truth about certain hidden secrets from the past come out and affect the future?

This story was great and there were so many secrets in this book that I couldn't wait for it all to crack open!

I thought Susie was great and I was super mad with Reggie for what he put her through. I was so mad when Reggie's actions placed Susie in danger but luckily Sam was there to pick up the pieces for Susie.

I loved how my opinions of certain characters were totally flipped around when certain secrets were revealed and it was certain things that I wasn't expecting which made me enjoy the book so much more!

Reggie got himself into a whole heap of trouble in this book and had to hit rock bottom before figuring out that he needed the right kind of help to get his life on track. I loved his friendship with Dean and how Dean was able to help him with an honest plan.

I was totally surprised with the revelations of Susie's sister, Lisa. I then completely understood why she left and but I have no idea on why she waited so long to tell Susie.

This a great series and I am looking forward to seeing what's next!

4 Stars

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