Saturday, April 1, 2017

My review of A Boy From The Streets by Maria Gibbs

Leandro and Carolina have just had twins but fate has dealt them an ugly hand and they are forced to leave their children in the hospital as it is too dangerous for them to keep them. Jose is adopted by an English couple, Fernando and Christina, while Pedro is left in an orphanage and abandoned.

When Fernando and Christina bring Jose back to Brasil 12 years later will they be able to find his twin, Pedro? Will the past be explained and how does the past link up to the present circumstances revolving around everyone?

I enjoyed this book and how everything came together in totally different ways than what you thought was going to happen. There were definitely a few things that I was not expecting and a couple of times I had to go over in my mind the different characters as I was confused with the names.

It was interesting to see the reasons that Jose created in his mind about why they were back in Brasil looking for his twin and it made me sad to see what Jose thought. I really liked both Pedro and Jose and both have had their respective struggles.

I think one thing that shocked me a little was remembering that they were only 12 years old in the book as many times I felt like they were so much older than that with everything that they had gone through and were going through.

The way everything was tied together was so interesting but I really would have liked to know more about the police officer Martinez and what was really behind all of his cruel actions from the beginning of the book to the end. I understood all of the tie ins but why was he this way?

I was definitely mad at Teo at the end for turning on everyone just because he was mad at the past and the ghosts of the past. I saw what was coming and I was surprised that Teo thought better.

The ending was both sad and happy. I was sad for everyone that lost their life through the book but I was happy with the new beginnings that Jose, Pedro and Carlos received!

3.5 Stars

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