Tuesday, April 4, 2017

My review of The Exchange Series by M.B. Feeney

This is a review for all four of the books in this series. This is a great series and I really enjoyed it! I loved the different ways the author used the "exchange" between the different characters.

1) Dear Diary

Holly is 17 years old and is headed from her home in the UK to go live in the US for 6 weeks as part of an exchange.

But when she gets there she discovers that the King family has two very handsome sons, one in college, Tyler, and one in grade 12, Aiden, with her. The two boys are extremely different and will she find herself attracted to one or the other?

I really enjoyed this story.

I really liked Holly and everything that she went through as a stranger in a new country and trying to fit in the best she could. She was at such odds within herself for which of the brothers she was attracted to and definitely had a dilemma.

I liked seeing the differences in the two brothers although I can't say much as I really don't want to give any spoilers!!

Great read!

2) Reluctance

Aiden King has a few issues and most seem to be related to his brother, Tyler. When the guidance counselor, Ms.Jones, recommends Aiden writing in a journal after his split with Jessie Evans will he be able to sort out how he feels.

Will Aiden be able to get himself together for what life has in store for him?

I really like this look into Aiden and what it was like being in his brother's shadow. I felt truly bad for him with what he went through with Jessie as the actions blew my mind.

I liked his relationship with Holly and how both were trying to fit in and figure out their respective futures.

I am really enjoying these books and looking forward to what's coming next!

3) Repentance

Tyler King is on vacation in Florida when he meets Anna, who works for an airline company. They spend two weeks together and neither can believe how they have fallen for the other.

When Tyler starts his new job in Arizona they two continue to talk and Tyler realizes he needs to make amends for his past before being ready for his future.

This was a great story about coming to terms with the mistakes of your past and owning up to everything you've done. I really liked how much Tyler grew up in this book and how he knew that he was ready to move forward.

Anna was a great influence on Tyler and I look forward to seeing what happens with the two of them!  

4) Dear John

Ellie King is in grade 12 and is starting her senior year. Her English professor has an assignment that involves writing letters to students in Brighton, UK and Ellie is paired up with John Davids.

Soon Ellie finds her friendship with John growing and with Ellie planning on going to school in the UK after she graduates the two continue their friendship.

Will Ellie and John be able to move their friendship into something more when she goes to London or do they discover they are better off as friends?I

This was such a great ending book for this series.

I loved the circle that has Ellie headed back to England where her mother began. I also loved the writing of letters and I wish we did more of that these days as we rely so much on technology.

I liked how John and Ellie really started their friendship with no expectations and the end of the book!

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