Thursday, April 27, 2017

My review of Mercy & Mayhem by Lindsay Cross

Colonel Mack Grey is hellbent on getting revenge on Mr.J - Jack Mankel for everything he has done to the Task Force Scorpion team and for being a traitor to the US. When the team sets off to get Mankel and rescue Caroline Cotter they soon learn that Mankel has spies everywhere.

Captain Marley Mitchell is an Air Force Pilot with a 9 year old daughter, Maddie. She is on a mission to fly in Task Force Scorpion but soon things go completely wrong when the plane is sabotaged.

Mack must decide whether or not he can trust Marley but will the attraction between the two of them cloud his judgement? When Marley's daughter's life is put on the line what will she decide to do?

This is another awesome book in this series that leaves you wondering what is going to happen next and whether they will finally find Mr.J and rescue Caroline.

This book is full of action from the beginning to the end and with Mr.J's "super soldiers" out there you never know what Task Force Scorpion is going to come up against. Although you figured out who one of the traitors was right away, Reaper's background still left some mystery and you weren't sure what side he would end up on.

When Mack and Marley ended up separated from the rest of the group you knew the sexual tension between the two was going to explode and that it did! I loved how apologetic Mack was to Marley over what happened as it was not full of romance but given the setting what do you expect.

I liked how Marley was tough and didn't give up or whine with what she was going through. She knew that she had to get home for Maddie but things didn't look good for a long time and then things went straight downhill when her cell received messages.

Mack was pure alpha male but at the same time he was guarding his heart over the loss of his wife and then his relationship with his son. He knew he would have done what he could for the two of them but his job came first. I couldn't imagine the loss he felt and I think that's why his wife never told him what was going on as she didn't want him to choose.

I really thought a few things were going to be different after the "blow up" and my guesses on what was going to happen were completely different than what really happened which was awesome!

Although the ending seems to give closure on one aspect there is still another 2 parts that need to be dealt with and I can't wait to see how the author is going to tackle those two things.

I liked the end how both thought they were in the wrong and needed forgiveness from the other. The book ended awesome with the two and I really hope that we get to see more of Marley working with TFS in the future!

5 Stars

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