Saturday, April 8, 2017

Library Finds - Lethal by Sandra Brown

One of my friends is a librarian at a local high school and reads mainstream books and gives me recommendations of books that are mainly mystery. We both love Lisa Unger and she told me to recently give Sandra Brown a try.

Lethal is my second Sandra Brown book that I have read and I am hooked for sure! I've tried to limit the amount of library books that I have out at once so right now I am going through the Sandra Brown books that they have at the library.

I loved Lethal and the twists and turns that it took with how we viewed certain characters and then how our opinion changed through the story as we began to discover the truth about who everyone was.

I really liked the strength of Honor in protecting her daughter and not knowing who Lee Coburn was, except that they thought he killed 7 men the night before. Yet as Honor got to know Lee she realized that there was another side to him that would keep her safe from others out there that were after something that her late husband had.

The book definitely kept me engaged from start to finish and the ending kind of leaves you hanging letting you decide what happened and I was hoping for a happy ending!

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