Sunday, March 4, 2018

Brown Sugar Bacon Wrapped Chicken and Easy Fried Rice

So for this meal I decided to make two recipes at once as I generally only make one and I knew that tonight we needed a little more than just chicken and I have been struggling with grocery shopping as of late.

It was another night that Mik decided to help me cooking dinner and I am so grateful for her helpfulness lately. It makes my life easier for sure.

So as a whole we loved the dinner tongiht but there are some adaptations I would definitely make.

For the chicken I would decrease the amount of chili powder as the kids found it a little too spicy. I also used brown sugar instead of truvia and found that the amount that it asked for was too much and I wasted a bunch. I think I would do only one side in the spice so that the brown sugar sticks better to the chicken.

For the rice it was an omission that wasn't supposed to be as I realized at the last moment that I didn't have the frozen vegetables. So I ended up just adding the extra rice that I had so the sauce wouldn't overpower the rest. Both kids loved the rice and I will definitely have to make it again!

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