Friday, January 5, 2018

My review of Traitor by Shannon Myers

Michael Sullivan is definitely in over his head with the Silent Phoenix Outlaw MC and trying to balance his other life as an undercover cop. He is also still reeling from losing Lauren Santiago-McGuire, the woman he loves. As he begins to hit bottom, Grey, the President of the Silent Phoenix tells him he needs to get clean.

Lauren knows she needs to move on from Michael, no matter what her heart wants. She finds solace with Jimmy, a man who teaches her to protect herself at the gym and at the gun range. But Lauren is not giving up finding out the truth about why her mom was murdered and soon she finds herself in over her head.

Can Michael and Lauren work through their differences and come together to solve the mysteries that lay before them? Can they discover in time who the moles are within the police station and the MC before anyone else gets hurt?

This was such a great follow up to Renegade. I will not say conclusion as there is definitely some unfinished business at the end of this book.

Mike had some ups and downs in this book and was definitely torn between his "two lives". Yet he knew that he had to protect Lauren at all costs, even if they were not together. Mike still had the case with Katya ongoing and had to figure out what happened with Lauren's mom.

I loved how Lauren put certain things together that allowed other things to fall into place between Mike, Grey and Comedian. She had got certain things figured out which caused her to be in danger.

I did figure out the double crosser early on but was not disappointed and was glad to see that I was right. It made perfect sense for everything.

The ending left me with an OMG moment and I really hope that there is another book in the series!

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