Wednesday, January 10, 2018

My review of Something So Irresistible by Natasha Madison

Max Horton is the bad boy of hockey with one year left on his contract with the New York Stingers and a need to turn it around. He has made a mess of his past with escapades that have managed to leave him in the bad books of Captain Matthew Grant.

Allison Grant is the new Public Relations person for the New York Stingers. She has her work cut out with her Max Horton but when she accuses Max wrongly of an incident she soon sees a different side of Max.

But when Allison sees a different side of Max will she allow herself to fall for the number one enemy of her brother?

This was such a great book at overcoming your own demons and vices to become better for the person you want.

Max was the one you hated in Something So Perfect and I was super curious to see how he would be redeemed in this one. Right away you saw a different side of him with his sister Denise, whom he cares for so much. He knew he was attracted to Allison but also was aware that she was the sister of his enemy, Matthew.

Allison got to know a different side of Max and loved spending time with him but also knew how much her brother hated him. As she got to know him more and more she realized how much she cared about him but was also worried.

I loved the two of them sneaking around and was definitely curious about when they would be discovered.

One of my favorite parts was definitely the shower scene and the revelation of what that meant. I laughed pretty hard with that one!

The ending was awesome and I really hope we get more of this family!!

5 Stars

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