Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sheet Pan Fajitas

I'm all about easy and quick cooking, well I try and be.

This meal was super easy to prepare although I must admit that while I was making the marinade the kids were definitely not too sure if they were going to approve do to the different spices that were being used - the cumin sure smells strong.

So a lot of times I do online grocery shopping. I ordered a month's worth of non-perishables at a time but also order enough frozen ground beef and then fresh chicken that I will need for the recipes I have picked out. Some how I ended up with chicken fillets instead of chicken breasts but in the end I was very grateful as the chicken was ready for this recipe!

I added everything that the recipe called for and it was super easy to make and both the kids thought it was great. One child ate it in a tortilla and the other did not!

Super easy meal and really tasty without having to stand at the stove for it!

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