Saturday, January 27, 2018

My review of Pure Innocence by Liza O'Connor

Amy Goodheart's life has been turned upside down when she is cast aside by her father and the townspeople who consider her and her young infant the child of Satan.

John Winston believes that Amy is good and manages to save her child, whom he names Amy and does his best to raise her.

But John knows that Amy is able to see spirits and knows that no matter what is thrown at her that she tries to see the good in everyone around her. But when it is clear that John is ill, he puts her future in the hands of Nicholas. Will Nicholas abide by John's wishes and protect Amy?

This was an interesting book about Amy Winston and how she saw the good in everything, no matter how difficult things got for her.

I loved how John took Amy in and was so mad at how she was treated by others. He did his best to raise her in a good environment and he did such a great job. I was definitely worried when he got sick but I loved that Gunter and Father Duncan were there for Amy and how protective they were over her.

So I definitely had mixed feelings over Nicholas and Sicily and everything that happened with them. I was so mad at what choices Nicholas made and I could understand why John was so mad!

I'm curious to see whether the author writes another book on Amy and what she accomplishes with her winery or perhaps follows it up with something different.

4 Stars

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