Monday, January 15, 2018

My review of The Burnout Cure by Jill Blake

Dr. Lily Reid was planning on becoming a doctor but when her life took a sharp turn she decided instead to becoming a speaker on the burnout that many doctor's face but don't seek help from. The problem she has now is that she needs a way to reach a larger audience and she is struggling.

Dr. Wolf Knox is attending the 65th Annual Postgraduate Medical Assembly as a favor to his close friend, Dr. Douglas Williams. He has no interest in the presentations at all but finds himself attracted to speaker Dr. Lily Reid.

As Wolf and Lily go out for lunch, Lily asks for help from Wolf in promoting her cause. The problem is that Wolf doesn't believe it is as relevant as Lily says it is. Will Wolf help Lily with her cause or will she be forced to resort to other measures?

This was a good book and an interesting look at a topic that I did not know much about at all but think it is super important to be discussed.

I think Lily was a great character and was definitely on the right track with what she wanted to promote but I could see many of her audience not believing it could happen to them.

Wolf was interesting and I loved the side job that he and Doug did. I was super curious to see if he would just placate Lily to have sex with her and then kind of drop her after. I was frustrated at him when he learned who Lily's dad was and then pretty much dropped her after.

I found the stuff with Parker kind of weird and seemed almost out of place with everything else as it just kind of added more drama.

The ending was sad but I was glad that it brought things together as they should be.

3 Stars

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