Tuesday, January 30, 2018

My review of Reckless by Michelle Horst

Mia Daniels has had a crush on Logan West since she was a young girl but she knows her brother's best friend is off limits, or more importantly she is. When her brother, Rhett, and his buddies go off to New York they leave her behind and soon she hears nothing from them but luckily her best friend Josie fills the void.

When Mia decides to go to New York will she have all of her questions answered on why her brother disappeared from her life? Can Mia move on from everything that has happened and do what makes her the most happy?

Will Marcus make Mia re-evaluate her own life and live for the moment?

This was another good book in the series. I wouldn't say it was enemies to lovers but enough had gone on to make you think there were definitely some issues with Mia not hearing from anyone.

I liked Mia and I felt so bad that her life seemed to change so fast with her brother and his friends disappearing from her life. I actually had figured out who was at the bottom of it but I was surprised at the reason why. I felt bad for everyone involved with that as it really had hurt Mia as she was right that the guys didn't care.

I was glad that it was evident how much Logan really cared about Mia and how he would do anything to make it up to her. The two were great together and I was glad that they got things figured out.

I am definitely worried about Marcus and what is happening with him. I hope the next book takes a look at him but I am scared that the book will be full of tears!!

4 Stars

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