Monday, January 1, 2018

My review of The Sorceress by Jessica McCrory

Anastasia Silven is dying and her boyfriend, Dakota Parker and her grandmother Carmen will do whatever they can to save her. Dakota and Carmen bring her to the only person Carmen believes can help her - Monique, The Sorceress.

But Vincent is still after Anastasia and he will stop at nothing to get her power and will destroy anyone is his path.

Can Anastasia defeat Vincent? Can Dakota and Tony gain enough allies to work together to defeat Vincent before they lose everything?

This is such a great series and this book definitely keeps you involved from start to end.

I loved all the knowledge Anastasia gained in this book from Monique and from everyone around her. She was finally able to grasp the true extent of her power yet knew that it also possessed the ability to destroy much around her.

I enjoyed how Tony, Anastasia and Dakota were able to get allies to work with them although I was super mad at what happened to them due to one group.

The ending made me sad and happy at the same time but I was super happy with what happened with Anastasia.

The very ending left me with an OMG moment and I am curious to see if the author will be writing another book with that loose end!!

4.5 Stars

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