Monday, May 8, 2017

My review of Yes, Prime Minister by Aria Cole

Juliette Alexandre started working for the Prime Minister of Canada 6 weeks ago and has a hard time keeping her eyes off the handsome man. She has worked hard to get where she is and is scared to blow the opportunity in front of her.

Bryce Gallagher is the Prime Minister and is known as Canadian Royalty after following in his father's footsteps. He is 34 and is very popular with the ladies but the trouble is finding a lady who is after his heart and not after the prestige and position that come with being the Prime Minister's wife.

When Bryce and Juliette have a meeting will sparks fly between the two or will their attraction be too much when it comes with so many expectations?

As a Canadian this book took on a bit of a different read as there were so many links/hints between our current Prime Minister and the one written about by the author. Certain parts made me laugh for sure as there are a few people who may not get the links.

I really liked Juliette and liked how she worked hard to get where she was and really didn't want to get herself into a situation where her job was at risk. Yet she is very attracted to Bryce but doesn't want to act on anything.

I have to love Bryce right from the start as he is based upon my own PM who is as the book describes him. I loved how he just blurted out a date proposition to Juliette and how long he had been watching her for.

I loved how Bryce was "dirty" in his own way and the scenes between him and Juliette were definitely hot!!

Such a great and fun read!

4 Stars

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