Tuesday, May 30, 2017

My review of Linda Gets Her Groove Thing by J.D. Frettier

Linda White is headed to Paris in the morning but first she needs her special package to be delivered - her new B.O.B.. But when things don't work out like they should Linda finds herself in the Green Room and is met by Dee Smeltzer and Bonnie Hampton.

Soon Linda finds herself getting a new body and revenge on her cheating ex-husband Grey and his mistress Misty.

This book is the second in the Green Room series and provides many laughs for the reader with of course some sexual twists.

I enjoyed Linda but I found the book quite short and never found myself getting too attached to her character as much as I had wanted to. I loved the revenge she was able to cook up with Dr.Draper and Edwina Star and that provided some laughs!

3 Stars

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