Thursday, May 11, 2017

My review of Dominic by Marie James

Dominic Anderson is a former Marine and the brother of Kincaid, the President of the Cerberus MC. He largely stays away from club business but will sometimes hang around for the ladies or if his brother needs something.

Makayla "Poison" Evans is the sister of Brooks "Scorpion" Hanigan is the leader of the Renegades MC. She has endured so much pain and torture over the years of living at the club until she finally realizes how much danger she is and she escapes to Dominic's house.

When Dominic gradually hears Makayla's story he vows to protect her at any cost except at the cost of his heart. But he begins to need to be near Makayla and do what he can to protect her at any cost.

When the rest of the Cerberus MC hears Makayla's story will they be there for her or turn their backs on her when she needs them the most? Will Dominic learn to listen to his heart when it matters the most?

Wow - I absolutely love this series and the men in it!! I hope the author keeps adding more men so I get more stories.

This story was interesting as Dominic was not a real member of the Cerberus yet his choices put the club into jeopardy. I loved how he took Makayla in before he even really knew what was going on with her. He was very protective and I was amazed at how set up his house was for emergencies. I liked Dominic a lot but I was mad at how he let the memory of Karen interfere with his living in the present.

I can't believe how much Makayla put up with growing up and how nobody was able to protect her. It made me sick to see everything and I can't believe how much more she would have put up with if the situation with the FBI didn't occur. She was so strong yet vulnerable and needed a sense of protection and the feeling of being safe.

The attraction between Makayla and Dominic was huge yet both were so scared to reveal their feelings for one another. They both needed each other but didn't know how to move forward and be in a normal, healthy relationship. Their scenes together in the bedroom and in the shower were so hot!!  

I was very surprised with Scorpion's reaction at the end! Happy though for sure! The ending was worth all of the pain my heart felt through the book and I am really looking forward to the next book!!

5 Stars

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