Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My review of Ruckus by L.J. Shen

Rosie LeBlanc has been in love with Dean 'Ruckus' Cole since high school but when he chose to date her sister, Emilia, she knew she could never have him. Now she rents from him in New York and watches the parade of women he takes up to his room while trying to show how little she is interested in what he has going on.

Dean 'Ruckus' Cole is a man whore yet he has always had his eyes on Rosie. He constantly tells her that she will be his one day but his drinking and smoking weed is not helping his cause.

When Rosie and Dean head home for Emilia's wedding tensions are high with Rosie and her parents when they tell her that they want her to move home so they can be there for her and help her with her Cystic Fibrosis. This pushes Rosie closer to Dean but will he be able to provide her the stability that she needs?

As Dean battles his own past will it cost him his future with Rosie?

This was a great book and I loved that there was so much to overcome in this book.

Rosie was a strong character and really knew that life was fragile yet at the same time she didn't want anyone to get attached to her as she never wanted anyone to have to say goodbye to her. That broke my heart yet to a certain degree I understood. Her relationship with her ex ended as she didn't want marriage and kids as she felt at any moment she could die. Her relationship with Dean was interesting as they both really wanted the other but Rosie felt that she couldn't date her sister's ex-boyfriend even though she wanted him first.

I really enjoyed seeing the evolution of Dean and how much he changed his life for Rosie. He knew what he had to do to keep her and he was able to follow through until the one time he didn't and it had huge consequences. I felt so bad for Dean in what he learned about his past and could understand why he was so mad and felt betrayed.

I loved the chemistry between Dean and Rosie and absolutely loved the way Rosie talked and her attitude!

Looking forward to more from this series!

4 Stars

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