Monday, May 8, 2017

My review of Clutch by Drew Elyse

Camille "Cami"is 26 years old and engaged to Nathaniel "Nate" Wright, a man concerned about his reputation more than his fiance. Cami has turned to drugs to numb the pain she feels with being controlled and having to follow strict guidelines for what she should wear and how she should act. But growing up as the daughter of Tank, the Sergeant at Arms of the Savage Disciples Motorcycle Club has made her tougher than most and she knows what she can and can't handle.

When her dad comes out for a visit he brings Joshua "Gauge" Baxter with him and the attraction between Gauge and Cami is immediate. But the two don't cross a line but begin a friendship but Gauge is not afraid to question Cami about her relationship with Nate and why she is still there.

Cami needs to decide what she wants with her future and whether she wants to be a kept woman by Nate or go back to the Savage Disciples with Gauge. But will either of the men be willing to give up what they believe is theirs?

I really enjoyed this book and there were lots of twists and turns to keep you engaged from start to finish.

I liked Cami a lot and I felt bad that she fell in love with one man but then he changed into another as he began to get money and had a reputation to uphold. She began to lose herself and turned to drugs which was unlike her. She lost so much of her fight and it was pretty sad to see how much her life was controlled.

Cami's friendship with Gauge was what she needed to push her in the direction that she needed and give her strength. But at the same time she was aware that life with Gauge would not be easy either and had a few twists and turns to make her doubt everything he said to her.

The book has many super hot scenes and an undeniable chemistry but quite a few sad moments as well that left the reader questioning what the outcome of the book was going to be. The end of the book was both super sad and happy at the same time and it was definitely not what I was expecting!

Looking forward to reading more from this series!

4.5 Stars

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