Friday, May 5, 2017

My review of Beast by Jordan Marie

Connor Michael Jameson is better known these days as Beast. He has left his past and his part in Devil's Blaze behind him and is wanting to hide from the world and leave the hurt behind him. Yet he goes to live near her, someone who will remind him continually of what he has lost.

Hayden Graham has not had an easy go and when she turns to her half brother for help she has no clue initially that he has actually sold her to Blaze and the Shadow Dwellers MC. When she is left for dead she finds a friend in Charlie and begins working in her diner.

When Hayden and Beast gradually form a friendship, Beast is surprised that he wants to protect Hayden and her unborn child from the dangers they are facing. But Beast has a past that Hayden is unaware of and when things start coming out who will run first?

Wow!! First off let me say that I have loved Beast for a long time and my heart has broken so many times with what he has gone through in the past. I was so excited to know that he was getting his own book and that maybe he'd get a real HEA. I mean who doesn't want a HEA??

Beast has scars on the inside and outside and is having a hard time getting over the death of Annabelle. When he decides he can protect Hayden and her child, he wants to be able to save them unlike Annabelle. But what he didn't expect is to feel so much for Hayden and in the process almost lose a little bit of himself.

Beast also didn't expect to get mixed up with the Shadow Dwellers and get into more club business which he thought he was out of. I loved having Diesel, Crusher and Dani in this book and I love how we get more than one MC group in the book as I think to myself - more series!! (happy dance).

There is so much emotion in this book with Beast and we really get to know how much torment he is in as he tries to mix his past and future together while trying to protect Hayden from what she doesn't know.

I really liked Hayden and the need she had to protect herself and her child from Blaze and the Shadow Dwellers. She was so independent and wanted to keep herself safe and not rely on anyone. She put so much trust into Beast yet had no idea about the secrets that he was keeping from her. I loved her friendship with Charlie and I also really liked that she did so much baking on the side!

The ending was absolutely explosive and I totally did not see that coming. Although I must admit that I was too excited about reading to know that it was actually a two parts. I may have done a painful scream at the end when I saw I was going to have to wait for the next one. Then I may have cried a few tears.

Such a great book and I am eagerly waiting for part two!!

5 Stars

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