Thursday, January 12, 2017

My review of SPY GAME: Romantic Suspense by Suz deMello

Ani Sharif is a U.S.S.A Agent and about to go undercover for the very first time. She is trying to discover who is selling software to the Chinese and her mission is to gain the trust of Richard Rexford of Rexford Corp. Ani needs to get close enough to Richard to get access to his personal computer and discover if he is the traitor.

Richard Rexford hires Ani and is immediately attracted to the feisty attitude of Ani. When Richard enters a bet with his cousin Mark Rexford and fellow co-worker Kevin he has no idea what he is really getting into. 

As Ani gets closer to the truth she continues to work with her "sister" and fellow agent Linda Wing who soon needs her assistance.

Will Ani be able to discover the truth in time?

I liked the concept of the book but unfortunately it didn't quite come out the way I had hoped it would. I had figured out who the "spy" was early on and wasn't surprised when everything came out. I also found that there was almost too much going on in the book with Linda and her sub-story that it took away from the story we were there to read.

I liked Ani and found it funny that she was worried about getting intimate with Richard as she had limited experience but still managed to have sex with him soon into "dating". Ani was worried about being pulled from the job by her boss, Lewis Anglesey, so she was doing to do whatever it took to remain on the job. Ani was a computer wiz but you still never got a real appreciation of how talented she was as it was almost overlooked. I thought maybe someone else was actually doing the work for her as it never talked about her actually working.

I liked Richard but definitely found him too trusting. He really did care about Ani and wanted to be with her.

I think there was just too much going on in the story but certain parts were lacking detail.

3.5 Stars

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