Saturday, January 28, 2017

My review of Reclamation: The Legacy Reborn: Book One by Melissa Kay Clarke

Scarlet Anderson was given a job that she didn't ask for. She lives in solitude afraid to get close to anyone so that they may discover her secret. To the world she is a bike courier but she is a savior to those who need protection. Everything she knows was left to her in a journal written by Jason Anderson, who saved her life and thus passing the "gift" onto her.

Gage Williams is a senior detective who meets Scarlet through her living at the trailer park that his parents run. His mom Macy has taken a liking to Scarlet and knows there is more to her than she lets on. As Gage gets closer to Scarlet he realizes how guarded she is and that she is hiding something.

As Gage and Scarlet begin to get closer they both realize so much is at stake. As they each get closer to the truth will they be able to work together for a happier future or will those against Scarlet get to her before Gage does?

This was a super interesting story on the battle between good and evil but done in a unique way. It is up to Scarlet to save the lives of those not ready to leave this world yet so they may do good. Scarlet had such a big job and her life was constantly at risk but she did what she could.

I felt bad for Scarlet that she had to take on so much by herself and I was super happy once everything was finally explained to her by George Bisbey. I really liked his character and how everything finally fell into place.  

Gage was awesome and I liked how caring he was about Scarlet and really knew that she wouldn't do things unless necessary, such as her conflict with Valerie. I'm glad that Gage was able to discover all of the truth about Scarlet and he was able to understand the truth.

I found it surprising to see who was working against Scarlet and the second one made everything fall into place.

I'm definitely looking forward to the next book in the series!

4 Stars

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